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Dutch Trading Company (Brighton) was set-up in 2006 to sell Bobike child seats to the UK direct from Holland. To expand activities, we are selling the Korean Senselife Tim8 CO2 Monitor in the UK, with delivery in 3 business days. The Tim8 is it is a consumer level CO2 monitor at a relatively low price.

We believe people work and rest better with fresh air. The drive to make buildings energy efficient has, we believe, lead to ~90% having poorer indoor ventilation rates, and air staler than in the past.

We are marketing low cost CO2 meters to people running or occupying buildings with double glazing and no air conditioning. Especially for:

The Senselife Tim8's CO2 alarm sounds when CO2 levels exceed 1,500ppm, which is a cue to open windows (the alarm can be set to other levels such as 1,000ppm for school classrooms).

We draw attention to the following quotes from this press release (www.reading.ac.uk/about/newsandevents/releases/PR18842.asp) :

and the underlying study (http://gow.epsrc.ac.uk/ViewGrant.aspx?GrantRef=GR/T23626/01) which makes the following recommendations to the school personnel:

To promote the Senselife Tim8, we will lend one to schools Hove, Brighton, Sussex and Surrey - interested school staff, govenors or PTA members please email (DTC@conwasa.demon.co.uk) or phone (07973 752070). A Radon gas meter is also available for loan.

Friday 30th December 2016: Happy New Year. Senselife CAM added.

Senselife CAM CO2 Meter (White) Senselife CAM CO2 Meter (White) The Senselife CAM has the following features:

Applications: Specifications:
Accessories included: 2 pin Mains power supply (AC 100-240V to DC 5V 1000mA) and UK 3 pin adaptor, Cigar Jack (DC 12V to USB 5V 800mA), 1m 5 pin USB cable Senselife CAM accessories
SenseLife CAM CO2 Monitor, UK power adaptor, USB power cable, 12V and 110-240v USB power adaptors, 2 pin to 3 pin (UK) adaptor.   £125.00 ( £110 +  £15 P&P)

RAR icon PC Data Logging Software (Zip file, 705Kb, in English)
PDF icon Software Setup Instructions (837Kb, in English)
PDF icon Distributor's Leaflet (367Kb, in English)
Note: We will advise overseas customers of the level of postal service afforded by the 15 postage paid at checkout, before dispatching the order. All overseas orders will be sent by air, but we may not be able to offer 'signed for' or insurance to some destinations.

Senselife Tim8 at a community centre (the 1500ppm is from whoever used the room before us) Battery Pack for Senselife Tim8 Legacy power supply for the Tim 8: 6 volt battery pack including charger, giving 8 hours of portable operation. Based on Maplin products UD05F and LJ92A.

   £25.00 (plus  £6.50 P&P if ordered seperately)

Further reading:

World Health Oranization, European Region - The Right to Healthy Indoor Air

REHVA Workshop Report CLIMA 2007: Indoor Climate and Ventilation of Schools
www.sisailmayhdistys.fi/attachments/clima07ws/ws_summary_schools.pdf Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation in some schools in England, Derrick CRUMP, Building Research Establishment, BRE

Press Release: Air quality in schools affects cognitive performance

Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999:

Building Bulletin 101, Ventilation of School Buildings, Regulations, Standards, Design Guidance, Version 1.4 – 5th July 2006

CPD Module S4: Carbon dioxide monitoring for educational building ventilation control

CO2 Primer
What is CO2 DCV rev1.pdf
        written by SenseAir, the Swedish developer of the sensors used in Senselife products.

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